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foamposites for sale Target Action Planning - The Missing Link Between Strategy & Tactics

Trade-offs may be required, but your final list should represent a valid picture of your companys top priorities foamposites for sale.Each item on the final list will be compared to the Hit List captured in Step Three. They will either be a match, a pure mismatch, or in the gray zone (which means uncertainty) compared to the scope of key items discussed in the brainstorming session foamposites for sale.At this point, decide the fate of each item on the Hit List: commit and do it, reprioritize it and do it later (decide on a target start date) or eliminate it because it is not critical. When you are done, the TAP process will have generated the undisputable priorities for your company foamposites for sale.Step Five: Compare the results of Step Four (what your company SHOULD BE doing) with the input from Steps One and Two (what your company IS doing)This could be an eye-opener. You may discover that your people have been focusing on the wrong thingsthings that do not fuel CSFs foamposites for sale.Have your managers determine what (and to whom) they will delegate from their original task list to make room for more important priorities. Step Six: Develop a new TAP document for each high- and medium-priority item on your Selected Final Hit ListThe TAP document is a working action plan for a specific task or priority. A successful TAP document defines the task or project, the person responsible for it, and the team or cross-departmental resources that will be needed. It sets a realistic target date for completion, outlines specific details about what the task will produce or generate, and lists the specific steps necessary to complete the task. It also gives a clear definition of the expected results.Step Seven: Implement the programConduct an orientation and kick-off session for your new priorities.